KOREA: LG develops new DMB chip

Digital multimedia broadcasting chip will allow users to receive mobile TV signals

Korea Herald
Monday, January 29, 2007 

LG Electronics Inc. said yesterday it has developed a new chip capable of receiving digital multimedia broadcasting or DMB mobile TV signals.

The new chip enables users to watch real-time TV programs for 4 straight hours, compared to the existing chips' three-hour-long duration, LG said.

It consumes 150 megawatts of power, 40 percent less than the company's current chips' 250 megawatts. Users can have a clearer view of TV on the go, as the chip will enhance the mobile TV's signal receiving rate in shadow areas -- where broadcasting signals lack reception -- by 30 percent, LG said.

The chip, if topped with DMB-capable mobile phones, will allow users to access real-time traffic information as it supports transport protocol expert group or TPEG technology. Users can also enjoy two different channels simultaneously on a single mobile-phone screen as the chip supports binary format for scenes or BIFS technology.