INDONESIA: 'Timika Pos' strike goes on

Members of the newspaper's staff continue to protest the appointment of new chief editor and general manager

Jakarta Post
Friday, April 21, 2006

Timika --- An internal rift at Timika Pos daily in the Papuan city of Timika continued Thursday, with the daily's staff continuing their strike as they did not receive any response from the paper's management.

The paper's journalists, Yernih Sirenden and Naomi Pasang, said the strike would continue if the chief commissioner of publishing company PT Papua Media Grafika, which managed the paper, remained silent.

"Our stance is clear, we're committed not to let the paper be tainted by political interests. We want Timika Pos to exist, to be independent and honest so people will find the paper serves its purpose, just like its motto, the provide the latest (news), (and to be) informative and constructive," they said.

During the strike, the paper's staff erected a post in front of their office, where some residents also came to lend support.

The daily's editorial office was attacked Wednesday by a group of thugs, believed to have links with a powerful political party. The attack was believed to be in response to a strike launched by the daily's workers who rejected the appointment of a new chief editor and general manager.