INDIA: Sun 'promised' job to BPO staffer

Undercover reporter for The Sun offered call center employee a job along with a $5000 payment

The Times of India
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Gurgaon -- Fresh details on the recent BPO case emerged out of the hand written statement released by accused Karan Bahree, on Monday.

Bahree mentioned that along with the payment of $5000, he was was also promised a job by the under cover reporter in Sun.

Divulging details of the letter, Infinity Esearch's lawyer, Deepak Masih said, Bahree was paid $5000 for a "presentation to a person by the name Oliver," which was arranged by Fayaz Rizvi, who was apparently, Oliver's lleague.

"I was introduced to a person called Fayaz Rizvi by Sameer, an acquaintance whom I know for the past six months. Fayaz offered me a part-time job as well. Since I am good at communicating in English and writing, he wanted me to give a presentation to Oliver," the letter said.

The letter further stated: "Fayaz wanted a presentation about the call-centre operations in India. He even directed me on how the information was to be presented, after which I was asked to collect the payment. At a charge of 3 pounds for every piece of information, the total sum he paid $5000 (Rs 2.15 lakh)."

Meanwhile, the Gurgaon police have been interrogating people in the industry to establish the authenticity of the alleged crime.

Kulvinder Singh, Deputy superintendent of police (DSP), Gurgaon said: "We have interrogated several people, but will not like to disclose their identity. This is to avoid defamation of those being questioned. We will submit an enquiry report shortly, which will contain all details."

Singh added: "We are not legally bound to interrogate anyone, not even Bahree. No one has yet lodged an FIR against him. We have been trying to get information from The Sun but have not been very successful."

Singh said they are not aware of Sameer's whereabouts, nor have been able to contact Bahree.