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The International Herald Tribune is the premier international newspaper for opinion leaders and decision makers around the world. In an era of information overload, those who both make and track decisions on the global level depend upon the IHT as the most complete, credible and concise daily newspaper in the world.

The IHT is written for people who need to know what's happening and what it means. These are people who move across continents, who bridge sectors and industries, and who are at home in several cultures. Leaders in business and government rely on the IHT to tell them how important events around the world affect their work, their political choices, their investments and their families.

The International Herald Tribune draws on the most powerful and discerning international news gathering network of any newspaper in the world. It combines the extensive resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and The Washington Post. Its experienced editors decipher critical early warning signals from sources around the world to give readers a balanced, practical assessment of emerging trends.

The IHT understands that its readers are subject to massive information overload. It provides carefully selected news coverage, and combines it with the context and perspective that give meaning to raw news.

The IHT is trusted by its readers because it is independent of any political or commercial interest. They enjoy and rely upon its unique blend of news, analysis, business, culture and sports to inform them about the political, economic, technological and social trends that drive the global markets in which they operate. They depend upon it as their daily international newspaper. They read it because they want to read it.


"The International Herald Tribune is the world's daily newspaper printed in 20 locations worldwide and delivered to your office or breakfast table by hand every morning, keeping you in touch with the day's global news stories."

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