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The Bangkok Post

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The Bangkok Post, Thailand's leading English-language newspaper, has the highest circulation among English-language dailies in Thailand with 450,000 readers a day both in the local market and abroad.

Through careful market research, we know that readers of the Bangkok Post are well educated and have high spending power. This is true not only of our readers in Thailand but of our readers all around the globe.

The Bangkok Post's target audience, the well-established upper-class, the business sector and affluent expatriates, comprises approximately 600,000 readers whose monthly income exceeds 50,000 baht.

The buying power of the Bangkok Post's readers is tremendous. Overseas businesses can reach this group very effectively by advertising their products and services in the printed version of the Bangkok Post. Whether your company is in IT, tourism, manufacturing, transportation or any of a host of other sectors, placing display advertisements in the Bangkok Post newspaper will certainly help you to reach your target audience.


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Recruiting employees, expanding an existing operation, relocating to Thailand? Placing display ads in the Bangkok Post is the most effective means to achieve your goals.

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Daily: 55,000

Local and International: 450,000


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