BANGLADESH: Ban on telecast of djuice, Flexiload ads

Government directs three cable companies to stop ads they say cause degeneration of youth

The Daily Star
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dhaka --- The government has banned the telecast of advertisements of djuice, a special package of the GrameenPhone, and Flexiload, a flexible service to recharge GP pre-paid accounts.

The Ministry of Information in a letter to all the three private satellite television channels on August 23 directed them not to air any advertisement of djuice and Flexiload, saying the words and gestures used in the ads would encourage the young generation to resort to immoral activities.

A top official of the ministry said several meetings were held at the highest level of the government before issuing the letter.

The letter said the languages and gestures used in the ads are not consistent with the culture and values of the country.

A senior official of the ministry said the government is also planning to ban similar ads of the GP on billboards and in newspapers.

A GP official said the company has invested about Tk 10 crore in djuice TV ads, produced by the Bitopi advertising agency.

The marketing departments of the three satellite televisions -- ntv, Channel-i and ATN Bangla -- admitted that they have received the letter from the ministry, but refused to give further details.