BANGLADESH: Bigots harass female photojournalist

Activists of the Islamic Constitution Movement (ICM) verbally attack female photojournalist

The Daily Star
Friday, September 30, 2005

Dhaka --- Some activists of the Islamic Constitution Movement (ICM), headed by the peer of Char Monai, yesterday hurled abusive words at an on-duty female photojournalist.

Laila Anwar Bindu, staff photojournalist of the private news agency, BDNEWS, was harassed by the ICM activists while she was taking photographs of the ICM rally at the north gate of the Baitul Mokarram National Mosque.

An ICM activist suddenly started hurling abusive words at Bindu as, he said, she was not in 'Shariyat-approved' attire in front of the males.

"Why is this girl here? Why a female photographer?" the man shouted and some of his party fellows joined him.

Despite their verbal attacks, the photojournalist continued her professional duty.

The senior leaders of the ICM later regretted the incident.

The ICM wants to establish Quranic rule in the country. It looks at women from the ultra-funda-mentalist viewpoint and opposes female participation outdoors.

They also criticised other Islamic parties in the ruling four -party alliance for accepting a woman, the incumbent prime minister, as the leader.