BANGLADESH: Cyber cafés come under Ccoab guidelines

Cafe owners discusse the censorship of pornography at the Cyber Café Owners Association of Bangladesh national convention

The Daily Star
Saturday, October 22, 2005

Providing standard quality of internet connectivity and ensuring its proper utilisation by preventing maltreatment should be a primary objective for every cyber café. A national convention organised by the Cyber Café Owners' Association of Bangladesh (Ccoab) discussed the aforementioned issues on August 1.

Even at the unexpected upset weather, as many as 250 cyber café owners' from different parts of the country took part in the session, which recommended that cyber cafés should not have partitions over 4 feet as privacy for individuals per desk.

Internet pornography in recent times has raised a severe concern among the society and like many other voluntary organisations Ccoab has taken an initiative to restrict its wide use that can jeopardise the future of adolescents.

Recommendations at the national convention also specified that PC users should not have CD Rom facility at their disposal in the cyber café, which also includes restriction in movies and videos.

Children from schools nearby the cyber cafés will not be allowed to use them unless they mean educational purpose and registration has to be a must for every user in the cyber café.

Apart from the preventive measures discussed at the session, Ccoab also set guidelines for the price chart of internet use, which says a minimum of Taka 10 is compulsory for the first 20 minutes and Taka 0.50 per minute onwards should be the standard rate for every cyber cafés.

Mohammad Nurul Amin, secretary of industries ministry praised the cyber café owners for their imperative role in developing a global village by reaching internet throughout the country.

"Most of the country's beneficial projects step behind due to lack of priority and administration from the government," said Mahfuz Anam, editor of The Daily Star, congratulating the internet cafés for their own initiative towards a building up a brighter future through information technology.

Also present at the guests' panel were Mohammad Nurul Amin, secretary of the Ministry of Industries, Prof Aminul Haque, president of Bangladesh Computer Society, Feroz Mahmud, country manager of Microsoft Bangladesh, Abdullah H Kafi, managing director, JAN Associates, SM Iqbal, president of Bangladesh Computer Samity and Sabur Khan, managing director of Daffodil Computers.