KOREA: TU Media launches new mobile TV service

Seoul's sole digital multimedia satellite operator will begin trial run of sattelite signal-based mobile TV service

Korea Herald
Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

By Hwang Si-young
TU Media Corp., the country's lone satellite digital multimedia broadcasting operator, will today begin data broadcasting for its satellite signal-based mobile TV service on a trial basis.

"Users can have direct access to traffic information while on the road via mobile phones," said an official at TU Media.

With a monthly fee of 13,000 won, SDMB subscribers have enjoyed 12 video and 36 audio channels including drama programs, sports, movies, games and animation channels, but not data broadcasting.

The trial service, dubbed "traffic and travel information" by the operator, will be limited to certain areas in Seoul and 50 officials at TU Media and terminal manufacturers. It will focus on checking the quality of broadcasting to fix anticipated problems in advance.

The traffic data service will offer menu choices such as "congestion and travel time information," "simple map," "safety driving information," and "broadcasting network download service."

The service will allow users to know about the flow of traffic, estimated time of arrival and the shortest route. Voice warnings will also appear when drivers do not observe speed limits.

TU Media plans to align the traffic data service with other multimedia services when they commercialize the service at the end of this year.