SINGAPORE: Stomp 30s is website's hottest chat forum

Diverse content, chat forums contribute to the interactive website's popularity

Straits Times
Thursday, January 4, 2007

It began as a quest by Stomp user "Mr Black" to find out how many Stompers, like him, are in their 30s.

But little did he expect that the forum he created, Stomp 30s, would end up top of the list, with 18,851 hits since it began last October.

Stomp 30s' diverse content has evolved to the point where people of all ages now join in the chats.

In fact, chit-chat forums and those that serve as platforms for social gatherings have proved to be Stomp's hottest threads.

The second most popular forum, called The Unofficial Chit Chat Thread, was started last October by 'Mutababy' and has had 8,076 hits.

Half of Stomp's top 10 discussion threads are used to bring users together.

One regular user called "Twinkle-toes," for example, started the Stomp Gathering forum to gather people together for outings and to share stories about past get-togethers. The thread has had more than 5,000 posts since it began last September.

The social events organised range from watching movies and conducting ghost tours in Old Changi Hospital to holding football matches and activities.

Some specific topics such as Hanky Panky In The Library and Lovestruck Boys To Fight It Out In Boxing Ring Over Girl also sparked lively debate.

Regular visitors to the Stomp discussions will quickly find themselves rising through the ranks.

A 'Newbie' starts off with zero posts and becomes a "Junior Stomper" when he has posted 10 posts. As the number of posts increases, he gets a higher rank.

The highest attainable rank is the "Knight Stomper."

Posted "RaymondED," a newly annointed "Super Stomper" on Stomp: "I'm a super stomper! After months and months...I've finally attained the prestigious super award!"

Newbie or Knight Stomper

  • Newbie: 0 posts
  • Junior Stomper: 10 posts
  • Stomper: 50 posts
  • Senior Stomper: 100 posts
  • Super Stomper: 1,000 posts
  • Stomp Trooper: 5,000 posts
  • Super Stomp Trooper: 50,000 posts
  • Knight Stomper: 65,535 posts