TAIWAN: Taiwan sex video star hired as TV anchor

Former politician Chu Mei-feng makes a new start in Macau

Bangkok Post
Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Taipei --- A former Taiwan politician who became infamous after a friend secretly taped her trysts with several men and leaked a sex video CD to a magazine has been hired by a Macau television station as its news anchor, Taiwan TV reported on Tuesday.

Chu Mei-feng, 40, started broadcasting the 6:30 p.m. evening news on Macau Asian Satellite TV (MASTV) Tuesday evening.

MASTV signed Chu for 5 million Hong Kong dollars (600,000 US dollars) a year, and held a welcoming ceremony before Chu anchored the evening news.

In an apparent attempt to draw a line between the news anchor and her unhappy past, MASTV arranged for Chu, dressed in a red wedding gown with a veil over her head, to step over a basin of fire to drive away bad luck.

She did not let MSCTV down. During the half-hour newscast, Chu exuded confidence and read the news like a seasoned anchor woman.

All of Taiwan's TV channels showed footage of Chu's debut newscast and gave her high marks for her performance.

An ETTV reporter asked Chu if she is still troubled by her past.

"No. I just walked over the fire, which symbolizes I am cleansed of bad luck," she said with a smile.

Chu is a former TV journalist and Taipei City councillor, but unwillingly became the star of the Chu Mei-feng, the Video, in 2001 when a friend secretly installed a video camera in her bedroom to tape her trysts with married men.

Her friend gave the footage to Scoop weekly magazine, resulting in Chu's fall from politics as the VCD was quickly circulated throughout South-East Asia.

Chu capitalized on the publicity by performing in Singapore, writing her biography and opening a cafe in London with her Chinese boyfriend. The boyfriend, Simon, will soon join Chu in Macau.

She said the lesson she has learned from the incident is that one should never give up.

"I want to tell everyone: Even if you are down and trodden and feel there is no way out, you should not give up. Because one moment you see only darkness, the next minute you may see stars in the sky. This is my experience," she said in a TV interview in January.

In 2006, Chu's friend was sentenced to jail for four-year-and-10- months and in January the publisher of Scoop magazine was sentenced to two years in jail.