SINGAPORE: AsiaSoft to launch three new online games

Singaporean gamers can now play up to eight games hosted by Starhub without paying additional broadband fees

The Straits Times
Friday, September 7, 2007

By Oo Gin Lee

Regional games company AsiaSoft Online is expanding its portfolio of online games to eight with the announcement of three new online multiplayer games -- Cabal, Ragnarok Online 2 and Darkness & Light.

These new games will be hosted on StarHub's one-stop Internet connectivity and hosting service, Velocity. This means gamers can get free unlimited Internet access to them by simply purchasing a modem under StarHub's Flexisurf service.

The usual game charges, if any, still apply.

AsiaSoft is the publisher and game operator of Maple Story -- one of the most popular online multiplayer games here -- in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

"It's an exciting time to be a gamer in Singapore, with even more choices," said Mr Ivan Seah, AsiaSoft's director of marketing and communications.

The Thai-headquartered company with offices in South-east Asia will use the same game plan with the three new games. It will operate the servers hosting the games as well as distribute the game and sell the game cards.

While AsiaSoft previously operated on a "play for free but pay for extras" model, it may charge a monthly subscription for Cabal and Ragnarok 2, said Mr Seah.

With the addition of these titles to StarHub's local game hosting service, there are now eight games Flexisurf users can play without paying for a regular broadband Internet subscription.

The other games are AsiaSoft's Pangya, Audition and Maple Story, in addition to Granado Espada and Hellgate London from another games publisher, Infocomm Asia Holdings.

All the three new games originated in Korea. AsiaSoft won the rights to publish them for South-east Asia.

It also managed the localisation of the game, particularly the translations into English, Vietnamese and Thai.

Darkness & Light was launched here two weeks ago while Cabal is targeted for release in a few months' time. Ragnarok 2 will come alive early next year.