KOREA: Chung returns after scandal

Chung Ji-young, a former news presenter accused of using a ghost translator for best-selling book, returns to SBS radio station

The Korea Times
Thursday, November 7, 2007

By Park Si-soo

Chung Ji-young, 32, a former news presenter, has returned to broadcasting, ending a self-imposed 13-month absence from the limelight following a ghost translator scandal in which she was involved.

She resumed her career from Monday as a disk jockey on a radio program aired by local station SBS.

At the beginning of the show, she emotionally said, "I am pleased to come back to the broadcasting field. I am sorry to have kept listeners waiting so long."

The Internet bulletin board of the program was packed with listeners’ messages welcoming her comeback.

Chung disappeared off the broadcasting scene in October 2006 after being involved in a bogus translator scandal.

She made her debut as an English-Korean translator in 2006 by translating the English-written bestseller "Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet!" into Korean. After the book’s publication, local translators and experts questioned her achievement, alleging a proxy translator did the work on behalf of Chung.

She was found not guilty of fraud in October last year as a court ruled she had not acted maliciously and had not known about the use of another translator.