Articles by Roby Alampay

The litmus test for Thailand's ruling military council

Until three days ago, the free press needed rescuing, not further control, writes press advocate Roby Alampay
Published on: 9/22/2006
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The Bangkok Post, Manila Times and privatization of media in Southeast Asia

The Thai press is sliding down that familiar slope at the bottom of which a familiar clique of business and political partners have their arms -- and mouths -- wide open, writes Roby Alampay
Published on: 9/22/2005
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Thaksin's real emergency

Roby Alampay says Thailand's prime minister's emergency powers are not just about stopping violence in the South
Published on: 8/1/2005
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In the wake of tsunami coverage, challenges and lessons

The tsunami demonstrated that the modern journalists do more than just bring unfolding stories to the world -- but what happens when the press is not prepared for its responsibilities? asks Roby Alampay
Published on: 5/17/2005
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