AsiaMedia Media News Daily AsiaMedia en-us Afghanistan's ethnically split ballot box Ethnic voting shows Afghans do not view the state as a service provider and loyalty to ethnic groups comes before the country as a whole, writes Nushin Arbabzadah THAILAND: Govt to monitor Thaksin's online show Prime minister's office minister says government will take legal action against those involved in the broadcast of the show if anything illegal occurs TAIWAN: Chen Shui-bian heads online weekly Former president says his publication will defend the government policies he made during his presidency INDIA: Tripura editors agitate against low ad rates, arrested Tripura Newspaper Society secretary says with absence of corporations in the state and low advertisement rates, the government's plan to cut government advertising will adversely affect employees in newspaper industry INDIA: Congress plays down Sonia's Press Club meet Congress party spokesperson says meeting with Press Club of India officers was because of the club's requests and with no regard to who the officers are SRI LANKA: Lanka jails scribe for 20 yrs for 2 articles Activists say government is using journalist as an example to intimidate other reporters and editors INDIA: Magazine office in Prabhadevi ransacked Six men barge into 'Society' magazine's office, throw computers off tables, break windows, and shout slogans about Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray INDIA: Sonia 'joins' Press Club, stirs row Press Club of India officers use meeting with Congress party chief to counter dissident members INDIA: Director files plaint against TV channels Director files defamation lawsuit against two television channels that aired a hidden camera video recording of him New Escap rules a blow to press freedom Imtiaz Muqbil writes that the change in the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific's media-accreditation system seems to come from a "blanket, guilty-until-proven-innocent policy" Adding up the math By electing the Democratic Party, Japan recognizes the need to adjust to emerging powerhouse China, writes Tom Plate BANGLADESH: Info commission waits for office space, rules Chief information commissioner also says current budget is inadequate for implementing Right to Information law and a new budget proposal has been submitted INDONESIA: 'No more news' at VP office? Presidential and vice presidential offices merge their press and household bureaus to improve coordination between the two administrations INDONESIA: 'Merdeka' suspends publication Country's oldest paper ceases publication due to financial difficulties after returning last November under a new publisher INDIA: Cut out celebrity trivia from world news pages Minister of state for external affairs encourages newspapers to expand international news coverage in content and amount